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          ABOUT US
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          Name: Hangzhou yanghao environmental technology ltd

          Sales hotline:  0571-88963403

          It really:  0571-88963404 

          E_mail: yh@yhhjkj.com

          Web site:www.yhhjkj.com

          To address;Hangzhou has sanduanzheng shuangqiaocun

          ABOUT US LOCATION:HOME>ABOUT US>Company Profile

            Hangzhou yanghao environmental technology ltd is a well-equipped, technology, advanced process, strength, complete test instrument and improve the quality of products and fine strain the machinery professional company. the environmental protection mechanical council, china is the fermentation of director of association of the association

             Of the filtering equipment will enhance the polypropylene : xiangshi pressure, pressure for chinese operatic music machine, the board under the strain xiangshi, the diaphragm pressure xiangshi the machine, stand milking machine and dryer yitiji ( take the weight strained the ), etc.

             I of the machine crushed the design, goody appearance, universality, is based, sturdy, variety and specifications are automatic and manual. in the move. xiangshi and in the box on the machine is used to enhance the board adopted polypropylene dianzhuang cone shaped design convex sets and moya. filter large area, speed is quick, short periods, greatly improving the work and performance. enhance the polypropylene and chemical properties, resisting corrosive, neisuan, alkali, salt, nontoxic and tasteless Light weight, high strength and operation of the board. the metal shenli zhucheng type of high operating temperatures, high, and durability.

             The strain of the machine, its scope of application for a range of application of work, the quality of products, in the industry are in a leading position.

            Product coverage :

            Chemical dyes or pigments, : taibaifeng, manganese, and the actual shaojian lujian cunjian salt white, black, and c of graphite, drifting powder, and stand it, this fluorescent powder, and the powder, and of the potassium and sulphuric acid-which the

            yiyao: Antibiotics, pharmaceutical ( jinmaisu hongmaisu, the victims of jinggangmaisu maidimaisu, and,sihuansu, huangliansu tumaisu ), and planted the calcium, chinese medicine according to grow rich, derived sand, and sugar. the enzyme youjilin

            shipin: huangjiu food and wine and drinks, juice, beer, yeast and ninamengsuan, plant proteins and plants of a sweet, sweet, and glucose stevioside, maiyateng, starch, rice noodles, corn syrup, and draw a card, weijing, spices, sauce and koufuye, dounai, the seaweed.

            yijin: In gold metallurgy, yinkuang, copper, iron ore, shitu, powder, and not to mine.

            Refining : baiyou,qingyou xiangyou, gelatine, glycerine, mechanical oil, vegetable oil.

            Clay : gaoliantu, the profit land, activeness, ceramics porcelain clay, the earth.

            Sewage and chemical and sewage effluent : yilian and electroplated sewage and wastewater and dyeing leather made from the waste and sewage and wastewater treatment and pharmaceutical and environment.

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          Hangzhou yanghao environmental technology ltd 
          Sales Hotline:0571-88963403  Fax:0571-88963404
          Web Site:  http://www.yhhjkj.com  Address:Hangzhou has sanduanzheng shuangqiaocun